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The customer’s perception is your reality


ZAMCO has an excellent character in the operation of remote site kitchens particularly the sites in Iraq where you need a wide range of support to do your daily operations without any delay in the project schedule.

ZAMCO recognizes that different clients employ workforces from diverse cultural backgrounds required tailored menus. We believe in Customer satisfaction and realize that is our greatest strength.

ZAMCO prides to provide excellent culinary experience to our clients with the internationally certified HACCP, HALAL and Food Safety Management standards. We provide a wide range of facilities management including;

Residential Camp Catering / Housekeeping and Laundry/ Office and Residential cleaning and Janitorial services / Waste Management / Landscaping, Pest Control / Security Services / IT / Clinic Support / Utilities supply Management / Manpower supply / Office support / Recreation facilities/ Shuttle services / General supplies and Logistics.

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